Senior DevOps Engineer


We are an agile programming team at HCDT, looking for professional and experienced experts in order to develop our infrastructure and DevOps. HCDT uses AWS infrastructure so so the desired candidate must be proficient in ECR, ECS and other Amazon Web Services, and have high accuracy, perseverance, and teamwork spirit.

Professional requirements:

      ü  Proficient with Linux operating system (preferably Debian) and windows server

ü  Experience of working with virtualization tools and Amazon web services devops

ü  Familiar with HAproxy and concepts of load balancing and High Availability solutions

ü  Strong understanding of fundamental network concepts, TCP/IP and its related services

ü  Experience of working with software firewalls like Amazon Elastic Security and pfsense

ü  proficient with Docker

ü  Familiar with monitoring infrastructures and services and monitoring tools like Zabbix and prometheus

ü  Familiar with process automation in infrastructure and proficient with tools like Ansible and similar tools

ü  Proficient with process automation in production and familiarity with CI/CD trends and working with bamboo

ü  Familiar with No-SQL and non-relational databases

ü  Familiarity with coding and scripting

ü  Proficient with version control tools (GIT)

ü  Ability of scripting in BASH, Perl, Ruby, and Python


General requirements:

            ü  Creativity, motivation and interest in learning most up-to-date technical topics of the day

            ü  Teamwork spirit

            ü  Ability to find system problems and solve them

      ü  Patience, accuracy and discipline

Benefits of cooperating with us:

     ü  Regular payment of salaries

            ü  Long-term cooperation

            ü  Friendly atmosphere and warm relationships

      ü  The target market is global and a very good experience of global trade

            ü  Large and international commercialized projects

      ü  Pioneer in using the most up-to-date technologies

            ü Proper training and ideal environment to strengthen skills and implement creativity

Minimum Experience: 3 to 7years

Minimum university degree: Bachelor

Job type: full-time