Frontend Developer


We are an agile programming team at HCDT, offering anyone enthusiastic and interested in most up-to-date programming techniques and advancement having these professional and general requirements to join us:

Professional requirements:

    ü  Javascript and Next.js and Vue.js frameworks

          ü  WEBPACK

          ü  Concepts of using Restful APIs

          ü  Enough knowledge of Responsive Web Design

          ü  Ability of working with Git and gitflow

          ü  Familiar with Flutter and Android and iOS ecosystems

General requirements:

         ü  Creativity, motivation and interest in learning most up-to-date technical topics of the day

         ü  Teamwork spirit

         ü  Ability to find system problems and solve them

   ü  Patience, accuracy and discipline

Benefits of cooperating with us:

   ü  Regular payment of salaries

          ü  Long-term cooperation

          ü  Friendly atmosphere and warm relationships

    ü  The target market is global and a very good experience of global trade

          ü  Large and international commercialized projects

    ü  Pioneer in using the most up-to-date technologies

          ü Proper training and ideal environment to strengthen skills and implement creativity

Minimum Experience: 3 to 7years

Minimum university degree: Bachelor

Job type: full-time